2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Directed by Michael Bonfiglio

A compelling look at the lives and issues behind the “war on coal,” From The Ashes premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and will air globally on National Geographic this summer.

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Voices from the Film

There are many different voices in the conversation around coal. Here are some from the film.


Carl Pope

Environmentalist / Author

Coal is an 19th century source of fuel. And we’re in the 21st century.


Misti O’Quinn

Dallas, Texas Resident

It’s your lungs. If you don’t breathe, then what?


Charles “Hawkeye“ Dixon

Retired Coal Miner

This country made a promise in 1947, that they would guarantee health care and pension benefits to coal miners if they would work in these here coal mines. Now, we fulfilled our promise. We’ve done it. And a hell of a lot of us died doing it.

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Regina Lilly

Lincoln County Resident

Other people are angry because, you know, I mean they are losing everything.


Michael Oppenheimer

Climate Scientist, Princeton University

The warming by the end of this century could be as high as 5 or 6 degrees Celsius. It would be warmer than it’s been since the dinosaurs were dominant more than 65 million years ago, and it’s not clear whether the human endeavor could survive in such a world. It’s now a question of whether we can control which direction it goes, so we can go into a climate friendly world, instead of a climate inferno, basically.


Louise Carter-King

Mayor of Gillette, Wyoming

At one time they said if we were our own country, we’d be like Saudi Arabia. You know, we’d have as much energy underneath as they do.


Duane Ankney

Montana State Senator

The thing about coal – it’s labor intensive. Somebody’s taking a paycheck home on Friday night, putting shoes on the baby.


Dow Constantine

King County (Washington) Executive

We wanted to do our part, first of all, to reduce climate emissions. That’s what our residents want.


LJ Turner


Coal is a wonderful thing, but it comes at a pretty expensive cost.


Darryl Anderson

Gillette, Wyoming Resident

If we can do something different with it, like clean coal – I don’t know if we can or not – but it could be a very good thing for us if it happens.


Deborah Graham

Salisbury, North Carolina Resident

We live in constant fear every day. Who fears their water?! We don’t live in a third world country. I mean, this is the United States of America here! And we’re fearing our water.


Brandon Dennison

Coalfield Development Corporation

As a region, we’re not ashamed of powering this country for a hundred years. We’re proud of that and we should be proud of that. But I think that we’re waking up to the realization that if we’re going to survive, we’re going to have to adapt.